Pelletteria Pratese produces leather belts and high quality accessories.
Our target is quality reaching starting from leather and accessories suppliers selecting.  Once received raw material our team cheks, selects, cuts, sticks, assembles, sews, finishes before getting the final product.  Our Company policy has always been appreciated by our customers who perfectly know our cooperation in studying and realizing all models and materials and accessories reserch too.  We think it is possible to get good quality articles even from a cheaper price target, paying dued attention in making them.
In order to get a reconfirm of our quality goods please have a look at our collection in the proper site section.

Pictures will not completely reflect beauty and softness of used material as unfortunately we can’t give you the possibility to touch them but we can ensure you that all used leather or nappa are hand treated with vegetal and natural products finally waxed.  Our belts production develops four different lines:  TAILORING, SADDLING, LUXURY and the newest ACCESSORIES line. 


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