pelletteria pratese
The Company

Our family who manages and directs Pelletteria Pratese Sas, has a very long experience in hand made leather production articles. Since 1908, Mr. Umberto Carradori, grandfather and founder of our family leather producing tradition, had an historical leather shop in the centre of  Prato, our city, selling all kind of leather accessories he was a master saddler.   Mario one of his sons togheter with his wife Mrs.

Maria Cambi and also his twin brother following his father’s path started belts leather production in 1965.   This is the third generation and Corrado and Emilio bros. are following too their grandfather and parents tradition producing high quality leather belts and accessories helped by valid persons.

Our Company main characteristic is the perfect mixing between handmade jobs and technological ones which permits us to reach an exclusive product, painstaking with a very interesting and enviable quality/price relation.
Moreover for luxury articles, we guarantee a complete internal Company job process which allowes us an accurate control on working stages.


pelletteria pratese di Cambi Maria e c. sas   Via Puccini 191 - 191a   59013 Montemurlo (Prato) Italy P.IVA 01551760976 tel +39.0574.815116